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Confidence building kickboxing and martial arts school in Dundee. Everyone of all ages welcome, using our top class facilities. Affiliated with ICO for grading and competitions, National and International.


Self Confidence, Self Belief are all about our experiences with being successful and failing. Build confidence with Dundee Elite Kickboxing.


Boost your energy naturally, exercise and sport can be your best friend, supporting your immune system and reducing fatigue.


Dundee Elite works with individuals to meet their healthy lifestyle goals using an evidence-informed approach acquired through many years of experience.


Competitors of all ages will find many great opponents - travel abroad and compete against the world to represent your country.

About the Trainer

Est 2012, Owner and founder of Dundee Elite Kickboxing school Sean Wanless began his martial arts journey from a young age and the impact it had on his life was phenomenal.

In addition to travelling the world and becoming a world kickboxing champion across multiple associations.

The dream of owning a kickboxing school in Dundee to the next generation of champions started many years ago and has been an ongoing success. Altogether Dundee Elite kickboxing creates an enjoyable environment for students to improve fitness, boost energy and build confidence for everyday life.


Kids Beginners 5 - 7 years / 8 -11 years

Enrolling your kid with Dundee Elite Kickboxing they will learn the value of paying attention, believing in themselves, and feeling good when they do their best. Training with Dundee Elite Kickboxing your kids will earn the self-esteem to stand up for themselves when needed. Your child will learn the values of being goal-oriented, making good choices, never giving up, and to always do the right thing. Check out our Facebook page for all the latest news.

Mixed Ability 5 - 7 years / 8 -11 years

Dundee Elite Kickboxing training offers unique activity that embraces the positive building blocks of character development, physical development, and emotional development in all children, of all ages and ability. We combine the practice of martial arts techniques with valuable life skills to create a rewarding and enriching training experience whilst building kids up to become strong adults. Come and meet our instructors, have a look at our classes, and take advantage of our trial offer to see how your child will enjoy our classes.

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Ladies KickFit / Bag Blast 16+

Dundee Elite Ladies Kickboxing combines the most devastating kickboxing arts developed with a high intensity and low impact cardio routine guaranteed to make anyone strong and fit, toned, de-stressed and burn body fat in the shortest time. We incorporate partner training, drills, ab-work and plyometric exercises for strength and agility, which all together gives you the most effective well-rounded workout.

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Fight Team - Invitation only

Be a part of history – get information on our global kickboxing events including fight cards, open workouts & event details ticketing. Affiliated with ICO for grading and competitions, Dundee Elite Kickboxing travels the world and competes with the global kickboxing community. Check out our recent events on our Facebook page.

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We have 2 different training locations in Dundee. Check out which date and times suits you best or contact us to find out how we can help you decide.

BrooksBank, Pitairlie Rd, Dundee DD4 8DGBrooksBank, Pitairlie Rd, Dundee DD4 8DG14 Haddington Ave, Dundee DD4 0RN14 Haddington Ave, Dundee DD4 0RN14 Haddington Ave, Dundee DD4 0RN
Open 9AM - 8PMOpen 5PM - 8PMOpen 9AM - 8PMOpen 9AM - 8PMOpen 10AM - 1PM
AM - Personal Training AvailableAM - Personal Training AvailableAM - Personal Training Available
5-5.45pm - Beginners Kickboxing 5-7 yrs5-5.45pm - Beginners Kickboxing 5-7 yrs5-5.45pm - Beginners Kickboxing 5-7 yrs11-11.45am Mixed Abitity Kickboxing 5-7yrs
6-6:45pm - Beginners Kickboxing 8-11yrs6-6.45pm - Beginners Kickboxing 8-11yrs6-6.45pm - Beginners Kickboxing 8-11yrs5-6pm - Teens Kickboxing 13 - 17 years12-1pm Mixed Abitity Kickboxing 8-11yrs
7-8pm - Advanced Kickboxing 8-11yrs7-8.pm - Teens Kickboxing 13 - 17 years7-8pm - Advanced Kickboxing 8-11yrs6-7.30pm - Fight Team Training - Invitation only


Our monthly packages all come with no contract, just the freedom to leave whenever you want to. Pay as you go and monthly rolling contracts.

Pay As You Go

£ 5 per class
  • Any Class, Any Time
  • No Contract

2 Class per Week

£ 32 / m
  • No Contract
  • No Joining Fee

3 Class per Week

£ 48 / m
  • No Contract
  • No joining Fee

Full Membership

£ 65 / m
  • No Contract
  • Access All Classes


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